Services offered:

John Rees Law, LLC wants to meet the needs of your business and improve the delivery of legal services for every client. With a focus on getting involved and building meaningful relationships, John Rees, LLC offers legal services two ways: a subscription model that brings John on as your all-inclusive outside general counsel, or choose to have John assist with a specific legal need—because every business is different and so are the appropriate solutions. Contact John today for a free initial consult and identify the best solution for your small to mid-sized businesses.

General Counsel Services

  • A truly innovative and cost-effective approach for obtaining legal services
  • Pricing
    • Free initial consultant
    • Fixed, reasonable monthly subscription fees with semi-annual review
    • No time clock or hourly billing for services
    • Adaptability of billing and services based on your specific needs
    • Cost savings–no fixed overhead of in-house general counsel
    • Allows you to budget your legal expenses
  • Services provided by an attorney with broad and deep experience as general counsel who can assess your specific needs and tailor services to meet those needs
    • Responsive
    • Listen to your needs
    • Tailor the solution to fit your needs
    • Don’t over lawyer a problem
    • Find solutions instead of roadblocks
  • In-house counsel-like relationships and attention
    • Resolution of often overlooked areas of legal risk
    • Spend a day a week, or other negotiated time, in your office
    • No charge for relationship building
  • Experience
    • Over 3 decades of legal expertise, including as in-house and outside general counsel, in helping companies successfully manage their legal matters:
      • Corporate governance, including risk management
      • Contracts
      • Policy management
      • Regulatory compliance
      • Privacy and security
      • Intellectual property protection and avoiding infringement
      • Coordinate with other outside specialists
      • Other areas

Standard Services

Looking for legal help in a specific area instead of the umbrella services of outside general counsel? John Rees Law, LLC specializes in the areas of trademarks, licensing, and online business.

General Counsel Services

  • A truly innovative and cost-effective approach for obtaining legal services

Corporate Counsel

  • Business entity formation
  • Contract preparation and negotiations
  • Financing transactions
  • Compliance and strategy consultation

Intellectual Property and Licensing

  • Trademark clearance/ counseling/ infringement analysis
  • Copyright protection/ clearance/ infringement analysis
  • Domain name management and strategies
  • Software/database license agreements

Online Business

  • SaaS license and service agreements
  • Terms of use
  • Website development and agreements
  • Intellectual property ownership